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In addition to the evaluation of LED fixtures, the Bureau is open to testing and evaluation of Remote Monitoring Units (RMU). The City has 219,000 streetlights throughout the City.


The process for testing and evaluation consists of 4 steps:

  • Evaluation of RMU specifications (submission of product specification sheet for review)
  • Meeting with BSL staff - Presentation of units
  • Small pilot testing of units - approximately 5 units
  • Larger pilot testing of units - approximately 20 to 50 units

Each step may be repeated and the results of each step must meet all requirements before moving to the next.


Due to the size of the City and the number of streetlights that must be managed, the following requirements must be met prior to meeting with BSL staff:

  • Each Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) must be able to communicate back to the server on its own (no gateways).
  • The manufacture shall host the portal for administration of the system and provide all backhaul of data between the nodes and their server.
  • The node attribute and fault data must be available in XML format for the City to download on a daily basis.
  • The RMU must have the capacity to manually turn on and off the fixtures.
  • The RMU must have the capacity to report on energy usage with meter-grade accuracy of ± 2% or less.
  • The RMU must have integrated GPS location determining capability in each node and involve no field commissioning.
  • The RMU must have the ability to report on lighting faults: day burners, low wattage, power issues.
  • The RMU must have the capability to be coordinated with an LED fixture for dimming purposes.
  • The RMU must be externally mounted using an ANSI/NEMA C-136.10/C136.41 twistlock connection.
  • The RMU must have an integrated PE cell for measuring light levels and turning fixtures on/off.

Please contact us if your company is interested in this remote monitoring unit demonstration. The Bureau would strongly encourage any company to participate in this project as the City of Los Angeles transitions into evolving lighting technologies.

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