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How to get a Streetlight
Vintage street light

The process for requesting street lighting depends on the condition of a street and requires an existing lighting system.

If there is an existing street lighting system in place, a request can be made for a new streetlight (modern or decorative) or a utility light (light on a wooden pole).

If street lighting does not exist on residential roadways within the City of L.A., a first time lighting system may be petitioned for through the 1911 and 1913 Improvement Act.

New lighting for Existing Street Lighting Systems
New Streetlight - Ornamental or Modern Lighting

A property owner can petition the city to initiate an assessment project to install lighting on the street adjacent to their property. This type of installation is for a complete lighting system on the street. Property owners are responsible for their share of the costs of installation and annual maintenance.

New Streetlight - Utility Lighting

A property owner can petition LADWP to request the installation of a utility light on a wooden pole. Where requested, a new utilitarian light may be installed if the location meets all of the following criteria:

  1. There is an existing wooden utility pole at the requested location.
  2. There is no other street light within 300 feet, or, the location is at an unlighted intersection with a wooden utility pole.
  3. The utility pole must not be on private property. If the utility pole is on private property please call the Department of Water and Power at 1 800 DIAL DWP for information on the Outdoor Area Lighting Program.
  4. The request is to light a public right-of-way (street, sidewalk or alley).

*A new utilitarian light may require the signature of the four closest property owners to the proposed new light.

To make a request, do any of the following:
Fill in and email the application form to bslutilrequest@lacity.org
Fill in and submit an online request

Outdoor Area Lighting

To make a request, go to the Department of Water and Power website:
Request for Unmetered Service Point (arcgis.com)

This is the "DWP Portal". Under the submittal type you would just select exterior light (LADWP Outdoor Lighting Program) and fill out the rest of the information.

First time lighting system

This request is for locations without an existing street lighting system.The Improvement Act of 1911 and the Improvement Act of 1913 (state laws) provide the means through which the City government may assist property owners in obtaining community improvements, including street lighting. Learn more about the process forĀ first time street lighting systems