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Connected Infrastructure
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Industry Leadership

The City of Los Angeles has been transforming the way cities provide street lighting for over a century and continues to explore new technologies to improve the quality of life for its residents. LA Lights’ connected infrastructure solutions will contribute to the safety, innovation, and inclusion of communities through data and technology. This allows the development and implementation of sustainable practices that address our city’s growing challenges. Our Smart City Strategy consists of 18 Smart City programs combined with smart lights. These solutions make city engagement convenient and connect city management with city residents.

Conference Presentations
2021 Virtual Digital City Infrastructure Conference

LA Lights Executive Director, Miguel Sangalang gave the International Keynote Speech at the 2021 Virtual Digital City Infrastructure Conference. The conference focus was on expanding and enhancing existing IoT ecosystems. The keynote discussed several projects undertaken by L.A. Lights, including the City’s Transitional Lighting Zones (Smart Lights), Air Quality Sensors, and partnerships with industry to realize the benefits of IoT devices to drive livability outcomes for citizens.

Presentation available in the link below.

Conference Agenda

Conference Video

Smart City Conference

L.A.’s first ever Smart City Street Lighting Conference showcased LA Lights’ nationally recognized programs for LED conversion and electric vehicle charging stations. It also highlighted the smart city initiatives that utilize streetlights to create a connected infrastructure and provide services such as motion activated lighting, USB charging ports, 5G network capacity and public Wi-Fi.

Smart City Principles

LA Lights will undertake a digital transformation journey to develop a fully adaptive Smart Lighting Network for all city lights and digital solutions to provide a better-connected Los Angeles now and in the future. We adopted five Smart City Principles to embrace new technologies, express our values, embolden our mission, and exemplify the noble goals in the City’s Sustainable pLAn.

  1. Pair technology with infrastructure to improve public services.
  2. Leverage data to inform program decisions and resource allocation.
  3. Develop inclusive, responsive and proactive solutions.
  4. Apply technology that enhances the user experience and accessibility.
  5. Design solutions to people and City challenges.

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