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Air Quality Monitoring Sensors

LA Lights is committed to improve the environmental quality of our local neighborhoods and supports Green Zones in Los Angeles. In partnership with AQMD, Street Lighting has installed 18 air quality monitoring sensors supporting data and research for the City’s Clean Up Green Up program, which aims to reduce and prevent pollution, in communities with the worst air quality in Los Angeles. Green Zones focus on transforming highly polluted, blighted neighborhoods into greener, more vibrant, healthier communities.

More information on Green Zones is available at: 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Grant to the City of Los Angeles

The City of L.A. was granted $1.3M to fund research and system development with machine learning and predictive analytics. The case study “Predicting what we breathe” uses machine learning to understand urban air quality. Data from L.A. Lights Air Quality sensors will Identify gaps in coverage and deploy sensors to fill in NASA project gaps. Small-scale sensors will be rolled out in South Los Angeles, Wilmington, and the San Fernando Valley. The findings will be shared with C40 cities, U.N. Sustainable Development Goal Network, and Climate Mayors through a Smart City Air Quality Intervention and Toolkit.

NASA Grant