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Property owners can submit a petition that represents a majority of the properties involved to the Bureau of Street Lighting for new streetlights if a street lighting system does not exist in the neighborhood. This will initiate a new street lighting project that requires a Proposition 218 balloting procedure. Property owners are responsible for their share of the costs of installation and annual maintenance.

Lighting Petitions:
Ornamental Lighting Petition
Modern Lighting Petition

Current construction cost per 50-foot wide lot for a modern lighting system on most residential streets is approximately $5,000 – this is an estimate and special, ornamental lighting systems, or difficult construction environments are typically more expensive. Annual maintenance assessments for newly established streetlights are approximately $90 per residential property calculated in accordance to lot area acreage. Again, this may vary depending on property and special or ornamental lighting systems will result in a higher annual maintenance assessment.

For more information related to Proposition 218 see:

Evaluating existing street lighting systems
Street lighting systems are designed and constructed to comply with illumination and Public Works standards at the time of installation. Upon request, the Bureau of Street Lighting will make an evaluation to determine if the current street lighting system is adequate or requires an adjustment in illumination levels. Any requests for special equipment or changes that exceed the current lighting standards may require a majority petition from property owners and a funding source outside the current Street Lighting Assessment.

Wooden utility poles are under the jurisdiction of LADWP. A property owner can petition LADWP and request the installation of a utility light on a wooden utility pole. Where requested, a new utilitarian light may be installed if the location meets all of the following criteria:
1. There is an existing wooden utility pole at the requested location.

2. There is no other street light within 300 feet, or, the location is at an unlighted intersection with a wooden utility pole.

To make a request, do any of the following: Fill in and email the application form to bslutilrequest@lacity.org

Yes, a site permit is required to install medallions, security/surveillance cameras, banners, and telecommunication equipment on the Bureau of Street Lighting infrastructure. In the case of telecommunications equipment, State and Federal Law restricts the Bureau’s ability to deny such permits. Please contact the Bureau at https://lalights.lacity.org/contact.html.

Contact vendors from a BSL approved list and submit the artwork for approval. Please get in touch with one of the approved vendors by clicking on the link. (Approved Banner Vendor List). The list of vendors will guide you from the beginning to the end of the banner program regarding (cost + location + installation).

Resubmit the artwork with the revisions that have been marked up by BSL engineers.

The link to submit a request is the following: GeoForm (arcgis.com). An engineer in charge of the request will do a voltage drop calculation to determine if the attachment will be permitted or not.This is a calculation that determines if the additional power use of the light can be handled by the existing circuit.

Glare shields are accessories for street lamps used to minimize light pollution as it relates to adjacent properties by directing light output to the desired area, preventing glare and trespass of light into unwanted spaces. Glare shields made of metal can be installed on the left, back, and right sides of an existing street light to reduce glare. A glare shield can not be installed on the front portion of the light that illuminates the street. LED lights are designed to have a beam angle and therefore usually do not have glare shields. You can request a shield through our BSL website and a determination will be made if one can be installed. The fee for a Glare Shield is $350 and must be paid by the party requesting the device.

Currently, due to COVID, the museum is open under certain circumstances and by appointment only. Please contact BSL Community Impact Division to request a tour. To view the different types of streetlights in L.A. you can also take a virtual tour of our Streetlight Museum. Please contact the Community Impact Division at: https://lalights.lacity.org/contact.html and use “General” as the subject.

Please visit https://lalights.lacity.org/connected-infrastructure/ev_stations.html to view the full map of Streetlight EV Charging stations in Los Angeles and learn more about the program. You can also find all BSL EV Chargers on the PlugShare App.