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Special Projects
Bus on Hollywood Boulevard
Current Projects
Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Land Access Modernization Program (LAMP)

The LAMP project will result in the modernization of LAX, the City’s airport, to accommodate the current and anticipated growth in traffic of air travelers. These improvements will significantly improve the traveler’s experience, reduce area gridlock, reduce pedestrian activity at the street level and thus reduce liability. LA Lights is providing preliminary engineering support and assigning dedicated staff to achieve the accelerated timeline.

Vision Zero Los Angeles

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Executive Directive No.10 directs all departments to prioritize infrastructure improvements and identify additional needs of the Vision Zero - High Injury Network (HIN). Vision Zero’s primary goal is to eliminate traffic-related deaths by 2025. Street Lighting plays an essential role in the public safety of vehicles and pedestrian traffic. LA Lights’ role in Vision Zero is to provide adequate illumination at mid-block crosswalks, ensure that all streetlights are smart network lighting to report outages automatically, and to install motion sensors at mid block crosswalks to increase visibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

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Street Lighting Design and Construction

In addition to street lighting, the Bureau works with numerous City departments, LA County, and California state agencies on critical transportation and special projects. Street Lighting delivers a wide variety of projects such as roadway lighting, bus stop security lighting, pedestrian lighting, and bridge and tunnel lighting. These projects are funded from various sources and are coordinated with affected Community and Council Offices. Over the last couple of years, the Bureau has implemented several productivity improvements such as streamlining the design and approval process, reorganizing to facilitate building with in-house crews, and hiring temporary help to meet the demands of construction.

Crew installing a pole