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Smart City Portfolio
Connected Solutions: Smart City Portfolio

LA Lights is collaborating on the development and deployment of customized sustainable solutions that support the City’s connected infrastructure. In addition to monitoring the smart lighting network, our Smart City Group (SCG) manages a dynamic portfolio of digital solutions and beta testing of new technologies. These individual smart city programs complement one another, cumulatively ensuring that programmatic goals and our broader milestones in the City’s New Green Deal Sustainability pLAn are achieved.

Street at night
Smart City Portfolio
  1. Air Quality Monitoring Sensors
  2. Broadband Connectivity
  3. Co-Location (Small Cell) 5G
  4. Color Coordination Lighting
  5. Digital Banners
  6. EV Charging Stations
  7. Gas Company Smart Meters
  8. Motion Sensor Street Lighting
  9. Multi-use Counters
  10. Safety Cameras
  11. Smart Nodes
  12. Smart Street Light Poles
  13. Solar Streetlights
  14. Solar-to-grid Streetlights
  15. Transition Lighting Zones (TLZ)
  16. USB Charging
  17. Wi-Fi