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LED Program
Sustainable City Lighting
L.A.’s LED Dominance

The Bureau of Street Lighting is on pace to achieve full LED street lighting citywide by the conclusion of 2022. Currently, the City’s Street Lighting system is 98% LED. As most cities embark on LED conversations, Los Angeles is preparing our LED Upgrade Program to renovate streetlights with the next generation wave of LEDs. Upgrades will further advance our energy conservation efforts and improve system efficiency.

L.A.’s LED Journey: City LED Conversion Program

The Bureau completed the conversion of 140,000 modern/cobra head streetlight fixtures to energy efficient LED units in 2013. Phase II of the LED Conversion program began in 2014-15, to convert the remaining 20,000 streetlights that are decorative with various designs. Decorative streetlights vary in their composition and are not standard LED designs. This makes it challenging to find suitable LED products and is more labor-intensive for crews.

Phase II was completed in 2018-19. The City’s LED Lighting System delivers 64% energy savings (114 gigawatt hours saved annually) and reduces carbon emissions by 67,000 metric tons. The program provides approximately $10 million in annual energy savings and reduces the maintenance of the City’s street lighting system. The City of Los Angeles has gained national and international acclaim for leading the way with this comprehensive LED lighting conversion program.

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LED Resources: Contractors, Vendors, Cities and Utilities

Due to the large number of fixtures being submitted for evaluation, we have developed a minimum set of requirements for all new LED streetlights. These requirements must be met before we can accept the equipment into our program - see the forms below for more information.

Useful Links

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LED Equipment Evaluation Procedures

Minimum Requirements for Testing and Evaluation of LED Equipment

LED Decorative Lamp Testing Procedures

LED Evaluation

LED Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program contact information