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Sustainability Practices
Street lights lit up at dusk
SDG Goals

LA Lights participated in the Voluntary Local Review to highlight the work being done on the City’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Energy Management Stats

LED Streetlight Replacement Program 2021 Totals:

2021 Energy Savings 64.5%

Energy Savings Annually $10.6M

Energy Savings 119 GWh (gigawatt-hours)

CO2 Reduction 70,708 MT (metric tons)

Energy Sustainability: Solar Technology

The City’s Street Lighting System is 98% LED technology, which yields annual energy savings 114-gigawatt hours (GWh).7 The Bureau continues to explore clean energy options and behind-the meter (BTM) or off-grid solutions that are self-sustaining and do not require grid electrification. This includes our solar lights technology, which generates energy via sunlight with energy storage through the built-in batteries, or can even connect directly back into the electric grid. 

LA Lights Solar Technology options:
  • Solar Streetlights
  • Solar to grid installations
EV Charging Program: Clean Energy Sessions 28K 

Streetlight EV Charger Program 2020 Totals:

Streetlight EV Chargers: 417 installed YTD

Demand Response Program (LADWP)

In coordination with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Streetlight EV Chargers will be included in their Demand Response Program. Under this program, EV Chargers will be turned off (stop charging) to reduce the energy load at times of peak demand to relieve stress on the power grid. The program runs annually from June 15th through October 15th.