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Safety Solutions
Multi-use counter
Multi-Use Counter: Pedestrian and Mobility Counter

LA Lights is piloting a non-intrusive pedestrian and mobility counter from Eco-Counter. The counter software technology uses an algorithm to recognize the shapes of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters and vehicles. The Eco-Counter transmits the count in real-time, providing data on pedestrian and last mile mobility traffic flow. The counter does not record images. Street Lighting is utilizing this data to ensure adequate lighting levels during high-peak traffic periods. These data insights have a wide utility across city infrastructure and will inform future improvements projects including Smart Poles, Transitional Lighting Zones (TLZ), motion sensors, and other safety enhancements citywide.

Transitional Lighting Zones

Transitional Lighting Zones (TLZ) are street lights programmed to increase illumination levels 30%-50% (brighter) during periods of high-pedestrian traffic, such as following a sporting or entertainment event. Transitional lighting improves visibility and safety for pedestrians and vehicle traffic in immediate areas surrounding venues—the successful L.A. Live TLZ Program is expanding to phase two in 2021. The Bureau has identified future TLZ sites citywide, including the upcoming design for the Hollywood Bowl location, scheduled for 2021.

Low Pedestrian TrafficLow pedestrian traffic
High Pedestrian TrafficHigh pedestrian traffic
Safety Camera on Smart pole
Safety Cameras

A popular smart city solution, safety-cameras support several city programs, and may aide in traffic incidents or security threats. They can assist first-responders to get an up-close view of the landscape in a disaster. This year Street Lighting deployed safety-cameras for the following programs:

  • In partnership with L.A. Sanitation, we deployed 20 safety-cameras to assist with illegal trash dumping, in support of a broader City campaign to deter illegal dumping in the City.
  • Street Lighting deployed four safety-cameras to support the Copper-Wire-Power-Theft (CWPT) initiative. The safety-cameras help deter copper wire and power theft in the City.